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If finding important papers is an issue, only having a path to your front door, jumping back when you open a closet door, or discovering duplicate items after shopping. Call us when you have decided to make the first step in asking for help.  We would be happy to come out and do a free consult and asses your needs. Let us see your space as you are living now and tell us about your goals or visions for how you would like to be living. There is no need to be embarrassed about your current situation we are here to help you and make a difference in your life. Having quality time with your family and friends is very important so if your home is holding you back take control. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Organizer Services

I’m not sure I can afford a highly experienced Professional Organizer. Can My Essential Space work within my tight budget?

Yes! Working with a confident, more experienced Professional Organizer will automatically save you money! We possess the experience to:

  • Ask all the right questions to quickly analyze your situation
  • Formulate tailored solutions within the least amount of time possible
  • Keep her clients focused and on task so no time is wasted during organizing sessions
  • Spend focused time between sessions developing solutions for your project
  • Empower you with tips and solutions on how to keep making progress on your own
  • Try to use products you currently have around your home to sort and organize

    I’m a little nervous and feel vulnerable having a stranger view all of the clutter and mess in my home. 

    It’s natural to feel a little hesitant and nervous about your first session with a Professional Organizer. After all, it took great courage for you to pick up the phone or send that first email asking for help. You are taking a leap of faith that this person you’ve entrusted to enter your home will be respectful of your privacy, keep your personal business confidential, and not make you feel judged or ashamed of how things got to this point. Not to worry. My Essential Space has just about seen it all and has never run away from a project, no matter how insurmountable it seemed to the client.

    The potential cost of hiring a Professional Organizer is still a concern for me. How will I know I am getting the best value for my investment?

    You will know this by the results. Remember, since My Essential Space is highly experienced and talented, the results will be realized swiftly. You will see and feel a heavy load lifted (physically, emotionally and spiritually) during and after each session. Who can put a price on "peace of mind"?

    The cost of clutter and being disorganized can be quite expensive. How often have you bought duplicate items because you weren’t able to find something at the time you needed it? How many times have you had finance charges assessed to your credit card bills because you lost track of what had been paid? Have you frequently been late or missed out on events and opportunities because you couldn’t keep track of your schedule or find your keys in time?

    The time and money you invest now to get organized will multiply itself back to you, once you have taken back control of your life and possessions.

    As the clutter is cleared, space is opened for prosperity to flow. You begin to think more clearly and creatively. Opportunities that were once stifled now begin to miraculously appear.

    And… Would you believe… each time My Essential Space works with a new client, she helps them find money and treasures they either didn’t know they had or thought were lost forever? Cash, checks, family heirlooms! During an organizing session, we begin recouping the money you invested on our fee immediately.

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