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We are a small based business with affordable rates. We do free consults to assess the needs of the client and then let them know how we can help them with their goals and situation. We will help you organize and utilize your space better. We have helped many seniors with downsizing and relocation to assisted or retirement living. We have helped many stay at home or home schooling moms. There are many things that cause the need for an organizer, whether that be deaths, births, illnesses, disabilities or many more things. What ever the reason you have made the first step by deciding to get help. We love helping people and our job. We offer maintenance programs to maintain the areas that we have organized in your home to save you time and money.  Bringing in a professional organizer is an investment to your home and life.  Having a place for everything and everything in its place, is the way to have quality time with your love ones. Simplify Your Life and Get Organized!

Why hire a professional organizer?

You need someone who can be:

  • An excellent project manager who is able to keep you focused and on task
  • A leader in your difficult time of moving, unpacking and settling into your new home
  • A confident leader who can help you make swift decisions
  • Educated in the principles of organization and current on the latest techniques
  • Well-connected with many professional resources
  • Well studied in the psychology of clutter and chronic disorganization
  • Able to remain totally objective throughout the project
  • Generous with their time and efforts; won’t make you feel forever indebted
  • Non-judgmental and compassionate; won’t feed into your feelings of guilt or shame


    My Essential Space
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