My Essential Space


 and Benefits

Life is too short to waste one minute searching for misplaced items. Why spend another penny buying replacements because the original ones are buried in clutter? By getting organized, you regain control over your precious time, gain space and save money! No more being buried by clutter and chaos.


  • DeClutter any area of your home
  • Utilizing your space better
  • Creating and labeling a place for everything
  • Time & paper management tips
  • "Move in" organizing & unpacking
  • Product recommendations
  • Maintenance programs for maintaining your organized space
  • Teaching you systems to do it yourself
  • Down sizing for relocation
  • Referrals to other professional resources
  • Decorating and organizing for the holidays


  • Harmonized home
  • Simplify your life
  • Find lost items
  • Increase productivity
  • Experience freedom
  • Gain more quality free time for family and friends
  • Have guilt lifted
  • Feel sense of balance
  • Maximize existing storage space
  • Save time and money






My Essential Space
Serving Wichita and Surrounding Areas

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